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Hail Adventurers!

Today marks the beginning of a new adventure!

Before you start hacking and slashing your way through the greenery, there are a few things you should know about the areas surrounding Mount Gygax.

  • Most importantly, bandits have been sighted in areas nearby the bridge to Mainmach Deep from Silverton. It is suggested you find an alternative way around if you are looking to head to Gygax Village.
  • At night in the valleys surrounding the mountain it is not uncommon to run into direwolves or other such beasties. If you have sufficient light, however, you will should be fine.
  • If you treat anyone nicely enough, they may just talk to you. Use this to your advantage — don’t use violence to solve all your problems!

Beyond that, just make sure you don’t die, and have fun!

Home Page

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